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  • I should have apologized for flooding anthills

    Logan Klutse I devastateda world smaller, morecomplex than mine. Notbecause I hatedit. Only to seewhat would happen ifI did, the recklessadrenaline ofsowing destructionin miniature.Immediately, regret. I have un-done something precious, used to be shelter.In their kingdom, nowsubmerged, my guilt willnot make them anyless ruined. Remorsedoes not restore. Iam so sorry forhaving had no goodreason to…

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  • Andrea Visits New York

    Maia Siegel A man in the subway car strokes hisrat. He keeps taking it in and outof his satchel, where it shiftsunder the waxed canvas. I grab your wristas its tail flicks out. The subway swingsas if it hangs on a string. We gripthe poles, and you tell me you feelnervy. When you say this,…

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  • pétrusse

    Peter Zhang ione of these daysi’d like to ride the subway to the end of the linewhere a hanging lampand rickety escalator are all that greet us.iithe night is lively here,above yellow-and-blue lime treesand a smattering of french applause whichflutters up from the Plëss.a song beginswith five merry menand i imagine one of them the…

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  • NBO

    Awuor Onguru By the time the big bellied boys bump into you you are too drunk to remember but their pupils are dilated and elephant arms outstretched and they will mash your ass into their erection as the disco lights illuminate only half-selves and oh to be a white man in a Nairobi club to…

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